A Day In Atlanta

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we visited Hanna in Atlanta.  Stan and I traveled for Thanksgiving and knew this would be our one opportunity to spend with Hanna before leaving on Wednesday morning. One thing Hanna and I planned was to go to the Indie Craft Fair. Stan was not thrilled with the idea but said he would go if we went with him for a tour at the Braves stadium. This was not a hardship for Hanna or me because we both love Braves baseball. 

Hanna and Stan at the entrance to Turner Field. 

I love the next three photos. We were in the hallway by the locker room. I was taking this photo of Hanna. Stan walks up unaware that he is in the way. The expression on Hanna’s face was priceless. And then, Daddy is always up for a photo with his baby girl. 🙂
Stan and his rebellion documented. The only caution was to NOT touch the grass. Do you see that right heel? He couldn’t stand it!
Hanna and Stan in the dugout.
Stan and I in the dugout.
Hanna and I sitting on the largest Adirondack chairs. EVER. 
For two shorties, it was a challenge getting in and out of the chair!
My favorite shot. Hanna in a panoramic of the stadium.
Hanna and Stan at the Hank Aaron statue. 
After lunch, we headed to the Indie Craft Fair. There were lots of fun booths but it was too crowded for any photo opportunities except for this one. It is a Christmas tree made out of rolled paper plates. It wasn’t for sale but was used as a decoration. 
We headed back to Hanna’s apartment to rest and wait for Rob to get off work. When he joined us, we went to dinner and then a visit with his family. Stan and I then headed back home. It was a good day. 🙂

At dinner.

Rocky Mountain High Colorado!

We are home from our 8 day vacation to Colorado. We were so blessed to share the time with friends and we went somewhere each day as a tourist. Each evening we dined on Jill’s gourmet dinner and enjoyed our time with the family. The best way for me to describe our week would be in pictures. Here are just a few of our fun times.

Our view every morning. Our friends, Jill and Mark, have this wonderful sight from their back balcony. If I lived here full-time, I can’t imagine getting anything done. I would just want to sit and look at this incredible view.

 Our friend, Sarah, a student at the Air Force Academy, gave us a tour of the campus on Sunday afternoon.

Sarah and Stan in front of the 9/11 memorial.

Sarah and Allan on our first stop.

Inside the chapel using the Panoramic option.
The chapel.
Garden of the Gods or as our sweet little friend, Kenna, said, Garden of Jesus. 🙂

Stan and Kenna

The view from the railway window. The Aspens were just glowing.
The view from Pikes Peak with snow on the ground!
The Cog Railway we road to reach Pikes Peak.

On the Cog headed back down the mountain.
After leaving Pikes Peak, we decided to drive an hour further to the little Western town, Cripple Creek. We didn’t realize it was a mini Vegas.


Having never gambled, I decided to risk a whole $2.00’s! I won $10.00 and then lost $12.00. Easy come, easy go. 🙂

We rode this across and walked the bridge.

View from the bottom after taking the incline railroad.
Walking back to our car we came across this huge, hairy tarantula look for a cool spot to rest! Yuck!
View in Breckenridge. 

Weekend At The Beach

Stan had to see a client in Goose Creek, SC on Monday morning. This worked beautifully for me. Since we were going to be only 25 minutes from the beach for this appointment, he decided we should go down on Saturday and enjoy the weekend at one of our favorite beaches, Isle of Palms in Mount Pleasant, just outside of Charleston. We had incredible weather both days and soaked up the sun.
This was taken just before Stan decided it was too hot, even under the umbrella, to sit in the sun while wearing a black tee shirt.

Sunday evening we were so glad to see our daughter’s two best girlfriends from college. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Julia, Allan and Leah at Sullivan’s restaurant on Sullivan’s Island. It was a joy to spend time catching up.

We headed home Monday evening but we get to turn around and go back this coming weekend! Yes, two weekends in a row at the beach! Stan is riding in A Ride To Remember, which ends in Charleston. I will meet Stan each night at the end destinations. We will have Monday for a beach day before heading home on Tuesday evening. 

Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip & A Little Stitching

One of my daughter’s favorite foods is mac and cheese. When I spotted this embroidery pattern on Flikr’s mindboggld account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindboggld/4675675423/in/pool-54411636@N00/
I knew I had to stitch it up for her. I decided to crayon tint the cheese, heart and macaroni. I love how it turned out. It is stitched on a kitchen cotton towel and was stitched while camping.

We camped on Thursday night until this morning at the beautiful Black Forest Camping Resort. (http://www.blackforestcampground.com/)  We headed to NC as soon as Stan was home on Thursday evening. We set our tent (the one with a light switch and a raised queen sized air mattress and yes, a portable air conditioner) up and two pop-up covers for our kitchen area and picnic table. We added a little decorating for Memorial day and relaxed.
Stan enjoying lunch Friday before hitting the pool.
Very few campers came until Friday evening, that meant empty pool for Stan and me!

Our friends, Adonia and Michael, came on Friday afternoon. We enjoyed relaxing at the site. Stan cooked steak on our cast iron griddle, potates, salad and bread. I made a cake in our toaster/convection oven. Yummy.

The White Squirrel Festival was happening in Brevard, NC. Lots of craft booths, food, live music and derby car races. We stopped our meandering to check out the race.

This was our first time seeing a derby race. 

We packed up and headed home this morning. It was a very relaxing weekend. 

As always, we are so grateful to all our military and their families. We know personally the sacrifice that is made by so many. May we never forget our fallen heroes.


More Photos of World’s Largest Tree House

My sister-in-law, Donna, emailed last night these three additional photos. They are of the tree house we visited over the weekend in TN. My husband, Stan, is the man at the top. 

Weekend in Tennessee

Supposedly this is the world’s largest tree house. It can be found in Crossville, TN. We were in TN this past weekend visiting my mother-in-law and hubby’s stepfather. Stan’s sisters met us there and we had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we arrived fairly late. We visited and watch the ending of the Braves game. Saturday morning Stan and his mom cooked us a big breakfast and then we were off to see this tree house, do some shopping, lunch and back home to do a little girl crafting while Stan and Bill had an afternoon nap.
Donna, Stan and Debbie back from lunch.
Donna and Debbie making shabby chic roses for pins and bracelets.
Deb made this trio of flowers for a pin.

Gail, Stan’s mom, gets in on the crafting.
Stan surrounded by his family.
Stan was showing Deb how to make his natural energy drink recipe.
Then they realized the camera was on them and hammed it up.
Stan and I in the foyer of church where his mom and Bill attend.
Final goodbye photos before we all load up and head in different directions.
Yes, even middle age siblings still play. 🙂
Bill and Gail hosted a great time this weekend. 

A Day At The Georgia Aquarium

Our daughter lives in GA in a suburb of  Atlanta. She turned 23 on the 13th. My husband, son and I traveled there yesterday to spend the day with Hanna and Rob. We let her plan our day of activities. We ate at Egg Harbor Cafe for lunch. We then went to the GA Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. If you have not been, it is well worth the visit and money for attendance. My family teased me that I was like a 7 year old with eyes wide and exclamations of amazement. Go to http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/  to check out the aquarium site.

Our son, Cody, and our daughter the birthday girl, Hanna. 
Whale shark!
Hanna and Rob
Proud daddy!
Jelly Fish

Last Day of Vacation. Headed Home Tomorrow.

An early morning walk on the beach was breezy and chilly.
Stan picked up several pieces of very old wood 
that had washed up in the tide.
I told Stan this look reminds me of the Unabomber! 
But my hubby is so much sweeter. 🙂
Lots of ocean trash washed up this morning.
 There were storms last night that must have stirred so much debri.
This is some type of plant pod that Stan had to investigate.
It was so chilly the birds were huddling.
This  profile photo of Stan reminds me so much of his dad. 

Friday – Hilton Head Island

I had the sweetest surprise this morning. My friend, Sarah, sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday. My birthday is Sunday. Aren’t they just lovely? 
I finished my bird embroidery. I used colors that are in my new quilt for our bedroom. I am going to make this in to a throw pillow. 

I looked at this pitiful chipping nail polish on my toes and decided attention was in order.
I gathered my supplies and my new nail polish. Have you tried the new Salon polish by Sally Hanson? I have several colors. It has the base, top coat and polish all in one. Just two coats and you are good to go. I love it.
Now, aren’t these better?
It was rainy today. We stayed in and did some reading, worked on my embroidery, watched some of the first season of Justified, and then went to dinner. We ate at Old Oyster Factory. It was so delicious.
We started with a Crab Corn Chowder.
Stan had a shrimp and scallops pasta dish.
I ordered broiled talapia with shrimp, scallops, mushrooms and tomatoes with a side of rice and steamed veggies. I think I ordered the same thing last year. 
Today it is much cooler and a bit breezy. We are hoping the winds die down. We would like a last day walk on the beach.

The Week Is Rushing Along – Thursday

Last year while at Hilton Head Island, we found a restaurant that we just  loved. It is A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant. The food is fresh southern cuisine with a twist. Stan and I both had the meatloaf. I had potatoes and cornbread. Stan had mac and cheese and salad. You may think meatloaf is nothing special but believe me, this dish is not your typical meatloaf. It is made with both ground pork and beaf and instead of bread crumbs it has potato chips. It is topped with a peach BBQ sauce that is just perfect with the mix of meat. Yummy good.
http://www.hhbackyard.com/ is the link for A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant.
Stan’s sweet tea was served in a Bell Mason jar.
They have homemade desserts daily. Stan chose the Snickers Cupcake. The inside was a candy bar filling.
I chose their homemade Banana Pudding served in a Mason jar. The special touch for this dessert is the homemade vanilla wafers!
View from our deck looking straight down.
It was a beautiful warm day. It was almost 80*!
My handsome hubby relaxing on the balcony.
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