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I am looking for decorating ideas for Stan’s and my shared space in the now office/sewing combo room. (See photos in prior post.) I am trying to find ideas that will not be too frou-frou for hubby but also something I will like. I went to and made our personal eyechart. I love it. The MS is the state we were married in during the year of 1982. Clever, right? Anyway, this has a perfect spot by the door hanging over the light switch. I would show a photo with it hanging in place but it is a dreary day and I just couldn’t get a good shot.
But, take a close look. Notice anything different in the two unframed eye-charts? Yes! I typed our anniversary date wrong twice! The first was 1987, the year our son was born. The second 1983! My husband noticed the first mistake as he had hammer in hand to hang the framed chart. We laugh. I go back to the website and print the second mistake. Once again, Stan notices the mistake! Where was my mind??? Evidently,I left it at Target yesterday afternoon! But…third times a charm. Then I chose to not work on anything else for the evening. I am in that special time of life and so I am calling this one of my “mental-pause” moments.
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