Fabric Flower Pin = Gift Wrap Bow

Last week I met a friend for lunch. We were celebrating her birthday.  I had her gift for a while but had not wrapped it. It was a lovely garden stone. It can be laid flat in a flower garden or it has the option of hanging on a porch. 
It was too heavy for a gift bag. I wrapped it in tissue and used a large shirt box. I covered it in a lime wrapping paper but I didn’t have a bow that was big enough. I decided I wanted to make a bow that could be used as a pin on a scarf, hat, sweater or even a tote or handbag.

I used pinking shears to cut a long strip. I used it like ribbon and wrapped and taped it around the top quarter of the box. 

The inside of an embroidery hoop makes a great template for a yo-yo. I traced around it on the backside of the fabric. Cut it out and took a large running stitch around the edge. I love making yo-yo’s.
I found scrap complementing fabric and made two rolled flowers. 
Once I put the three together, I knew the yo-yo needed a little something extra. I went to my button jar and tried several different options. I settled on this beauty.
I love polka dots.
I finished the back by cutting a piece of felt to fit around all three flowers. Hot glue is an amazing invention. I then added a pin clasp. To attach the pin to the package, I opened the pin and stuck it in to the fabric strip. I love how my  handmade bow turned out! Do you have a wrapping trick that you use?



  1. When a gift is wrapped up in pretty paper and fancy bows, it makes what's inside even more special. This is a great idea for some of the holiday scrap fabric I have around. Perfect for xmas gift toppers!

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  3. Pam, this is beautiful. Great combination of colors and textures. And recycling what you've got is right up my alley! Now I can't wait to see those Christmas gifts.Thank you for sharing it at our party (that's how I found your blog!)On an administrative note: I presume that you will make these name-links into active links when you have a chance, right?! Love having you at the party!

  4. Thank you, Rose, for dropping by and for letting me know about the issue with my links. I'm not sure what was going on but I have corrected it and the links are working now. 🙂 I appreciate the heads up!

  5. So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog. Happy week!Hugs from Portugal,Ana Love Craftwww.lovecraft2012.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks, Mareth! My thoughts exactly. I have been going through all my Christmas fabric. 🙂

  7. What a pretty project Pam! Love the colours and the fabrics you chose! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  8. Lovely! I am always wanting a fabric flower and this is a great tutorial. Thanks – love your creativity!!

  9. This is so adorable! Nice and over sized. And the colors are so cheerful! Good work!hugs x Crystelle

  10. This is a great project; my favorite part (besides the beautiful fabrics you chose) is that you made it extra interesting by combining the rolled flowers with the yo-yo flower. Great idea!

  11. Thank you, Ana, for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I will head over to your blog in a bit. 🙂

  12. Thank you, Angie! I appreciate you dropping by. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Thanks, Marsha! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  14. Oh, Crystelle, thank you so much for sweet compliments. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  15. Thanks, Leslie. I LOVE yo-yo's! So anyway to work them in to a project, I am thrilled. 🙂

  16. Thank you for activating the link. you totally revved me up again on those yoyos… did you see that awesome yoyo quilt we featured, that's designed with amy butler fabrics…. well, that's on my to-do list also. so beautiful.Last but not least: HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We'll have a linky party tomorrow on the blog, but Thursday we shall all be home!!

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