A Ride To Remember & Celebrating Stan’s Birthday

And no, the guys did not coordinate colors for each day. I asked. Seriously, doesn’t it look that way?  And you know women would have!
Stan and his friend, co-worker and fellow bike rider undertook a huge ride this past weekend. On Friday morning they started a 3 day bike ride that would total 253 miles! The ride was a benefit ride for Alzheimer’s Association. 50 riders participated and over $50,000.00 was raised for this worthy cause. In chronological order from left to right is the start of each days ride. 

This is the two guys at the finish in beautiful Charleston, SC. They are hot, sweaty, tired, sore and still excited to have finished such a great ride. I am so proud of these two. This was a personal journey, especially for our friend, Terry. His mother passed away with this disease earlier this year.  

Check out this snazzy lime green nail polish! I love it…Stan, not so much. He said it looked as if I need to order that fungus medicine advertised on TV! LOL. I guess I’ll not be sporting that again. Those new Oakley sunglasses Stan is wearing. They were my birthday gift to him, a tad early. He picked them out at our REI a few weeks ago. Easy gift buying. And last, a photo of us taken by our sweet waitress on the night of Stan’s birthday.
Stan celebrated his 47th birthday on Monday. We had a beach day for relaxing after such a tiring three days. He wanted steak for dinner and we found a great steak house that had a Bourbon marinade. Delicious.

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