WIP This Week

I have always loved needlework,whether it was cross-stitch, embroidery, etc. Viewing Pinterest has given me a renewed desire to embroider. I am an organized person, maybe a bit OCD about some things, and can’t stand to have things a mess where I am trying to work. I am the same in the kitchen. It has to be completely clean before I can start dinner. I digress…This is my embroidery thread box. A jumbled mess. Yes, all the thread is sorted by number in to small plastic bags. The problem I have is that I like things by color. So when choosing threads for a project without a thread guide list, with the way this is stashed, it is nearly impossible to find all of one color to choose variances. So, this weekend I started winding the thread on to cards. I am writing the DMC number on each one so it can be replaced as needed but I am sorting by color. Ahhh… all will be good for easy embroidering after it is completed.
I am just getting started but isn’t this much better?
have a baby boy shower for a friend this Saturday. I have worked on a felt and embroidery name design and a monogram tag toy design.
Today I went through my children’s fabric stash and pulled out a few to choose from for the shower gifts. I love the Japanese prints.

As you can see, I need to have busy hands this week. I am thinking it would be a good time to start watching the series Downton Abbey. I keep hearing about it and I can watch while I stitch. We have it on our Instant Queue with Netflix.  Anyone else a fan?

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