Thankful Thursday

Local Produce = Delicious!
I love summer and all the wonderful things it brings, sunshine and warmth, swimming and beach time and fresh local produce. I stopped by my local farm stand and picked a few favorite veggies on Tuesday. We have already grilled some of the corn, squash and zucchini. All of it was delicious. I had a slice of the tomato for lunch today. Wonderful! I am thankful I can go four doors down to purchase all this wonderful produce and so much more at a wonderful price.

Stan and I at a Marriage Retreat in March of this year.

Even more than this bountiful harvest, I am thankful for my marriage. Stan’s and my wedding anniversary is today. Twenty-seven years and we have never had a fight! Okay, well that may be stretching it a little but I can say we rarely have a fight! 🙂 Stan is a wonderful husband and father and the best friend I could ever wish for. Our marriage is in the best place it has ever been and I thank God daily for allowing me to be married to this man.

I am also in the sewing room finishing up an Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag for my daughter. Pictures to come!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!That produce looks fabulous!! I love BLT's in the summer. Nothing like 'em!!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both–summer is great if the humidity isn't too bad!!! My Pam what a pretty site you have–I know I have visited before–but I now have a new laptop with a larger screen and I can see all of the page now–it has been so neat to revisit all the sites and truly see them!!! Take care enjoy all that fresh produce–hugs, just, Di

  3. so happy for you and Stan…..hugs to you both!love ya!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

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