Tutorial Tuesday – Fat Quarter Handbag

Fat Quarter Handbag from SewMamaSew

I wish I could take credit for this lovely bag, but I cannot. Instead, it is on SewMamaSew’s blog along with several other versions and clear directions to make it. I have every intention of making one of these bags. In fact, I have already bought two sets of handles but it is one of those projects that keep getting pushed to the side. Following is the link to the free tutorial and some wonderful pictures.

If you are not familiar with the term Fat Quarter, you may be thinking, “What in the world?” It is a term most commonly used in quilt shops. It is a quarter of a yard of fabric but cut differently than the traditional 1/4 yard. The cut measurement is fat instead of a long skinny cut. The measurement is 18″ x 22″. Once you start buying fat quarters, you can easily become addicted. There are so many projects that work great with this small cut of fabric and it is relatively inexpensive. In fact, the day this bag was posted, several other free projects for Fat Quarters were also given on SewMamaSew’s blog. When I get my version made, I will be posting pictures.


  1. Hi Pam–I am just checking in to see how all is going for you??? Have you started the bag that is above or is it still in the planning stage???? If we didn’t have so many fabrics to chose from it “might’ be easier–but not nearly so much “fun”!!!!see ya soon—Just, Di

  2. Another cute project!! I know when it’s finished it’ll be gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks for the link. LOVE the bag. I’m slightly addicted to making bags. Now another trip to JoAnns for handles…wouldn’t want to waste my 40% off coupons. :o)

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